Import from China under professional guidance

Importing goods from China has a lot of interesting possibilities. Numerous buyers and wholesalers around the globe therefore choose to move buying activities outside the EU. You can think of countries such as China, India and Vietnam.

Basically there are a lot of different reasons for this. One of the most important reasons in this case is the continuous search by importers for lower purchase prices.

If you add some profitable aspects, the motivation to manufacture goods domestically will disappear quite quickly with many buyers. Because shipping products from China comes with many extra options and interesting possibilities at a relatively low price!


● Purchasing products from China

● Why import from China?

● Professional support when importing from China

● Quality Control (QC)

Import products from China

Many countries in Asia nowadays focus increasingly on exporting products to Western countries such as the US and other nations in Europe. For example, China alone has an endless number of manufacturers spread over various locations in the nation.

This is very interesting for Western companies and importers, because there is a suitable manufacturer for almost every existing or new product in China.

Why shipping from China?

When it comes to importing products from China, different reasons can be the decisive factor. As described above, importers are often looking for lower purchase prices for their products.

Furthermore, Chinese workers often work for lower wages than the average employee in a lot of Western countries. Moreover, many manufacturers do not produce for the masses, because they simply do not have enough space for this.

For the manufacturer in China, this large-scale production is often just normal practice. This not only opens new doors for wholesalers, but also makes importing goods from China very attractive for start-ups and small-scale companies.

Professional import support from China

Importing from China may lead to lower purchasing costs, but this is not always without any risks. You can think of poorly manufactured products, the quality of which does not correspond to the agreements made with the manufacturer in advance. Not only maintaining the correct product quality, but also shipping orders from China on a regular basis endangers the quality of products.

These risks still cause some importers to be rather dissatisfied with the products they have made in China. Especially when the shipment arrives in their country, buyers can be left surprised. Especially if they check the quality of their order and it turns out to be disappointing.

To avoid this kind of misery, buyers increasingly use professional quality controls carried out by an external company. In many cases, this help comes in very handy, because many buyers often do not have the time and expertise to carry out these inspections themselves.

Benefits of quality controls

Outsourcing of quality controls is guaranteed to provide more certainty and reliability regarding the quality of orders from China. Moreover, such a professional check prevents all kinds of problems that can arise during production. Unnecessary problems that generally equate to order delays and dissatisfaction among buyers.

In addition to the precise custom inspections carried out at the manufacturer, such an external inspection service has the right knowledge and experience to steer the production process in the right direction.

In this way, the quality of every order from China is guaranteed and any problems are noticed and remedied in a timely manner. Over the long haul, outsourcing quality controls can be a lot more profitable than importing from China without these inspections.

Quality Control (QC)

A leading player in the field of quality control is Quality Control China (QC). By means of several inspections distributed over the production process, Quality Control checks import orders from China for quality and correctness. For more than 15 years, trained quality inspectors have been conducting such checks at a wide range of manufacturers in countries such as China, Vietnam and India.

This starts by screening the factory. In addition, some quality inspections are carried out during production and there is professional supervision during the shipment of orders. If there are any problems, extensive advice in the interest of merchants will follow. In this way, Quality Control ensures positive and long-term relationships between importers and manufacturers outside the EU.