Importing during Chinese New Year 2024: considerations and opportunities

The celebration of Chinese New Year 2024 is approaching, and with it comes both challenges and opportunities for many Western importers. During the Asian New Year celebrations, Chinese manufacturers often close their doors for up to fifteen days or operate at a reduced capacity.

This annual celebration is a significant event in the Chinese culture and is widely anticipated by many around the world. However, with careful planning and preparation, Western importers can still take advantage of this significant event in Chinese culture.

The year of the dragon

The Chinese zodiac consists of twelve animals. The previous year was the year of the rabbit, and in 2024, it will be the year of the dragon. Chinese New Year coincides with the Spring Festival, as it is known in China.

This period is a time for many to return home and spend time with family and friends. The festival, based on the Chinese lunar calendar, occurs annually between January 21 and February 21.

Chinese New Year for Western importers

For Western companies importing products from China, it is important to consider the slower production lines and reduced productivity. This is mainly due to staff absence, which may cause several delays in order processing and shortages of materials.

Western companies importing products from China should place larger orders well in advance to ensure sufficient stock.

Considerations and opportunities

During this phase, it’s crucial to pay close attention to production procedures and plan quality controls. Maintaining contact with Chinese business partners and providing purchasing guidance are equally important.

It is crucial to pay special attention to communication in China to avoid any potential misunderstandings or logistical problems. During the Spring Festival, Western importers must remain vigilant to avoid any miscommunication and protect their business interests.

More information?

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