Communication in China

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Communication in China

Smooth communication with China is indispensable. After all, good communication is half the battle and goes far beyond words.

For example, communication is also about traditions and customs in conversations. When you engage in conversation with someone from another culture, there are many things to pay attention to. What role do you assume, and how can you achieve your goal without jeopardizing the relationship with your interlocutor? Therefore, loss of face plays a big role in Chinese communication.

Social rules in communication in China

There are many “social rules,” but communicating can be learned. Coolen China has over 20 years of experience in communicating with China and will teach you these social rules. We have learned that flexibility is perceived differently in the West and China. Having a Chinese person communicate with a Chinese person, preferably from your own region, gives a lot of confidence and understanding. A process we are happy to facilitate for you. 

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