Protecting the Quality of Chinese imports

‍‍China is known as the largest manufacturer in the world. The Asian superpower produces billions worth of products every year, accounting for almost a third of global production.

Western companies and importers are increasingly seeing the country as a lucrative growth opportunity. However, imports from China do not always go as expected because this way of doing business also entails risks.

Especially among starting entrepreneurs, there is a certain fear of negative reactions from customers, because afterwards it turns out, for example, that the young company has collaborated with “unethical” Chinese suppliers or factories.

What are the risks of doing business in China?

China has a reputation for being a source of counterfeit products. The problem is that it is difficult for importers to determine which factories provide high-quality products and which suppliers simply do not.

Performing quality controls gives importers more certainty about the quality of their order. Common risks associated with doing business in China include:

  • Importing poor product quality. This brings with it a series of complaints, including reputational damage and customer dissatisfaction.
  • Production line downtime causes delays and missed deadlines.
  • Be associated with questionable employment practices.

Protecting product quality from China

If importers want to safely and reliably improve the purchasing of products from China, it is important that they can protect themselves against unnecessary supply chain risks. Also, when selecting new suppliers, it is wise to first carry out a factory audit.

More and more Western companies are working with an external party for this purpose. This is because they have the necessary knowledge and expertise to monitor the production line on location in China.

Professional quality inspectors then visit the manufacturer and check, among other things, the factory hall, production process, equipment, machines and raw materials used. The inspection report then makes it clear whether the production line meets the quality requirements.

More information?

Protecting the quality of imported products from China is an essential part of a profitable supply chain for Western companies. For more information, feel free to contact us.