About Coolen China

Coolen China is distinguished by its transparency

Coolen China's profile in a nutshell

China offers unprecedented opportunities when it comes to international trade. But doing business in China is and will remain complex. Familiarity with the culture, a reliable network,  and knowledge of the way of doing business are indispensable for business success. To increase your chances of doing so, Coolen China is happy to share its knowledge and expertise with you.

Our unique, transparent approach enables you and your company to successfully buy in China. With our help, your risks will be minimized and your opportunities maximized!

The services of Coolen China

The optimal services we offer you include: 

  • Finding suitable suppliers or producers
  • Conduct research on quality and pricing
  • Supervise, coordinate and advise the procurement process
  • Conducting inspections on products exported to Europe
  • Advice on logistics from China and handling of red tape

Our services are characterized by customization. Our transparency, insightfulness, and flexibility ensure that you get exactly what you need. No more and no less. 

Headquarters in Shanghai

We carry out our services from our headquarters in Shanghai. Together with our partners in Ningbo, Yiwu, Nanjing, and Shenzhen, direct contact with and control of the factories in China are possible. From’s-Hertogenbosch, in the Netherlands, we coordinate the effort.

step-by-step approach for optimal results.

Approach and added value of Coolen China

How did our approach come about?

Everyone knows that the world has become “smaller” in recent years; among other things, the Internet has opened up international markets. A healthy development that makes all traders and producers accessible via the Internet. Furthermore, it is now easier to visit trade fairs in Europe and China under normal circumstances, as a plane ticket can be booked in no time. Because of this, we also notice that an agent, middleman, or commission agent is no longer of this age. 

Furthermore, with the introduction of COVID, travel to China is no longer a foregone conclusion. Currently, the travel advisory for China is yellow, with a small portion in orange. The State Department advises against all non-emergency travel to Jilin Province and the city of Shanghai (orange area). Very strict lockdown measures also apply in Shanghai. Check the current travel advisory for China at this link. All in all, these restrictions give more reason to take advantage of our services.

Our added value consists of China’s knowledge of and experience in: 

  • Culture
  • Language
  • Quality awareness
  • Way of doing business
  • Negotiation techniques

And our general knowledge about:

  • Contracts
  • Import
  • International agreements
  • Enter

Sourcing, procurement, and quality

Our knowledge and experience are focused on sourcing, procurement, and quality. We put our versatility and added value into practice with our various services. We share our knowledge and act as your partners. This makes us an extension of your purchasing and quality department. Coolen China is your advisor and representative, where your interests always come first.


This approach has several advantages. You purchase our services according to your needs. We only have to share our basic knowledge with you once, after which you can use it endlessly. an investment that really benefits you. As a result, you will probably need fewer services for future orders because you already have basic knowledge and skills. And, of course, fewer services mean a smaller fee. 

Depending on the path you choose or the service you purchase, our fee consists of a pre-agreed amount. Moreover, we work with and for specialists so that each trajectory is tailor-made.

Benefits Coolen China

Purchasing, sourcing, or trading company in China

Coolen China is distinguished by its transparency. Unlike a standard purchasing, sourcing, or trading company, we keep you informed of every step and give you a complete report of our findings. 

With our help, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • You buy directly from the source and therefore pay the actual purchase price
  • You have a direct line and purchase prices remain transparent
  • You will receive reporting of every step in China and thus always stay informed
  • You are represented by us and we represent only your interests
  • You pay for our services. We do not receive commissions from suppliers and/or producers.

Coolen China team

Our professional team is made up of both Dutch and Chinese people. We operate from the Netherlands and China, with offices in Shanghai from which we coordinate from’s-Hertogenbosch, allowing us to offer this unique combination of knowledge and experience in doing business between the West and the Far East. 

Our experienced staff is proficient in several other languages (and dialects) in addition to English. Moreover, some of our employees previously studied or worked in other places in Europe. As a result, they are fully familiar with Western thinking and doing business, which enables us as a company to bridge the gap between different cultures. 

Together, we will find exactly the right path for you, and you will make use of our extensive network and vast experience, which we have built up over the past 20 years. 

For whom

Coolen China is happy to work with you in the following cases: 

  • You want to take the first step to China to have products made
  • You are already operating in China, but your procurement and/or production needs to be optimized
  • Your current supplier in China is (not) functioning well and you become too dependent, requiring an alternative producer
  • You experience communication problems with China and seek help to restore and improve communication
  • Your purchasing is completely satisfactory, but you need reliable quality control
  • You need general knowledge and information about sourcing and importing from China

Customized proposal

Our customer base is very diverse. Therefore, we deal with China importers of all shapes and sizes: small or large, partial shipment or full containers, start-up or court-supplied, experienced or inexperienced. Thanks to our experience with this broad target group, you too will receive a customized proposal!