Just as in other parts of the world, communication plays a vital role in China. That’s why we advise that all agreements reached in relation to purchasing be recorded contractually.

This has a range of benefits. For example, there will never be any misunderstandings about the agreements reached, and all parties are clear on the current status. Coolen China will help you with these purchasing contracts. Once you have drawn up a purchasing contract the first time, you can use it again over many years. This also applies in general to the legal assistance with which Coolen China supports you.

It won’t surprise you that a whole range of (cultural) differences come into play between China and the West in the purchasing processes. Consider the perception and value of a contract, for instance. In many cases litigation in China only produces losers. This immediately underlines the importance of clear contracts and thorough investigation into the parties with which you are doing business. This takes time, energy and financial resources, but it’s worth the investment. It will save you a lot of money and time over the long term.

At Coolen China we understand that you get what you pay for, and the ultimate goal continues to be that you receive a good product with the right price, delivery time and quality. It’s precisely for that reason that we believe a thorough and professional preparatory phase is vital, resulting in a clear and constructive relationship.

Coolen China offers you expertise in China with a contact point in the Netherlands. Are you interested? Then get in touch with us!