Suppliers and manufacturers

Suppliers and manufacturers

Chinese suppliers and manufacturers, especially, know that the relationship between the client and the company is very important. In fact, it forms the basis for doing business in the long run, whereas in the West, a win-win situation for both parties is primarily number one. Remember that a good relationship with your Chinese business partner has a positive effect on prices, delivery times, and quality.

Knowledge and expertise in doing business with Chinese suppliers and manufacturers

At Coolen China, we know both the mentality based on a win-win situation and that based on a good relationship. We have experience with both ways of working and know exactly when it is best to apply either way. Moreover, we speak the Chinese language, which immediately prevents loss of face, another important factor. We advise on how to effortlessly bridge cultural differences without abandoning your own norms and values.

Ultimately, of course, you want a good product in the right conditions, such as price, delivery time, and quality; we understand that. That is why we see it as our task to achieve and maintain this. 

We do this by sharing our knowledge and expertise about China in the areas of:

  • Culture
  • Language
  • Quality awareness
  • Way of doing business
  • Negotiation techniques

In addition, we are happy to offer you our general knowledge on:

  • Contracts
  • Import
  • International agreements
  • Enter

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