Sourcing – Complete approach

Sourcing: Complete approach

Coolen China takes care of the sourcing trajectory for you from beginning to end, always with the maximum result as the basic principle. In this approach we work in the following way:

Prior to the trajectory we need information from you so that we enter into the process properly prepared. Consider here:

  • Desired quantities for ordering (forecast on an annual basis);
  • Specifications, possibly with a sample of the product;
  • Working drawings / photos;
  • Maximum prices (EXW, CIF, FOB);
  • Preferred scheduling;
  • Required certification (if applicable);
  • Other wishes and requirements.

Should you already have had contact with producers in China, for instance, then we will ask you for a list of the factories already approached and status details. Once we have this information we have a good impression of your current situation. Then we will use these details to draw up an estimate of the trajectory’s viability. Here we will look at the feasibility among other things. Once we feel everything is positive we will produce a definitive proposal.

When you approve the proposal, we will work out everything in English. We will then ensure that this information reaches our team in China, after which we get down to work. Here we will use our existing network and the local trade shows.

We will produce an overview of potential producers on this basis. We will filter it in accordance with your requirements and wishes – a so-called longlist. Using this longlist we will use our available knowledge to produce a shortlist. We will also take care to ensure that dealers are separated from the actual producers. Ultimately we will work towards a top-two or top-three. In consultation with you, we will let them produce a sample. A factory visit then follows so that it can be checked against all the (safety) conditions, to then ultimately enter into an agreement.

We will conclude the investigation once the factory meets the expectations. Naturally you will receive an overview of the top-two or top-three. This will include all the relevant information like factory details, contact individuals, product information, prices, photos of the factory and other information. Then on the basis of all this information, you can decide on the next steps independently or in consultation with us.

Of course you are free to import with or without our help. In most cases after the investigation, on request we still help with the communication, the purchasing contract and transportation advice. If you have a need for it, we will produce a new proposal for this.

Do you need a sourcing trajectory from Coolen China? Get in touch with us!

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