Sourcing – Building on your prior selection

Sourcing: Building on your prior selection

Our experience has shown that many people have already carried out the necessary prior investigation, or have placed orders independently. In many cases we see that ‘Alibaba’ is used to make contact with the producer. We are aware of the major successes, but certainly also of the serious disappointments.

Once you have already undertaken the necessary prior investigation, in many cases you already have a preselection of contacts. These may be contacts you have obtained through the internet, through exhibitions or via your own network. When you need to firm up your purchasing through your existing contacts, we offer a suitable approach for ‘building on’ these existing contacts.

On the basis of an overview of your contacts with associated correspondents, naturally we will produce an advisory. An additional advantage is that we have an office in Shanghai, so that we can easily get in touch with the factories, can request information, and can pose the right questions. This small investigation results in a clear analysis of your existing contacts. You will get answers to questions like: “Do they represent a company or is this a one-man- band?” and “Is the company a trading firm, a producer or a combination?” This is all relevant information if you want to build up your purchasing further.

Over the years we have noted that many factories regard it as a positive sign when someone in your company is represented in China. In such cases you can always keep talking in your own language, and you have back-up in the shape of the representative if any type of miscommunication threatens. In consultation we can always carry out a Factory Audit. For more information about a Factory Audit, please see our Quality Control (QC) China website.

Do you need to build on your existing prior selection? Coolen China will be happy to help you. Get in touch with us!

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