Sourcing – Building on your preselection

Sourcing China: building on your preselection

We find that many entrepreneurs do the necessary preliminary research themselves or have already placed orders. We also see that Alibaba is often used to getting in touch with the manufacturer. We are aware of both the great successes and the great disappointments in this regard.

Help with sourcing China

If you have already done the necessary preliminary research yourself, you may already have a pre-selected list of contacts. You may have acquired these through the Internet, trade shows, or your own network. If you want to expand beyond your current contacts, You get answers to questions like, “Do they represent a company, or is it a one-person operation?” and “Is the company a trading company, manufacturer, or a combination?” This is critical information if you want to expand your purchasing.

Your sourcing agent in China

Our years of experience show that many factories really like having someone within your company represent them in China. In that case, you can always continue to speak in your own language, and you have a backup in the form of a representative if miscommunication arises. In addition, we can always conduct a Factory Audit by mutual agreement. For more information about a Factory Audit, visit our Quality Control (QC) China website.

Get in touch!

Want to “build on” your existing preselection? Coolen China would love to help you. Contact us here, and we’ll talk to you soon. 

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