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Advice related to transportation

After ordering products, they must be transported to the destination country. For 

Experienced importers and wholesale companies may find this “cut and dried,” but for a beginning importer, this can be quite exciting. In that case, Coolen China provides you with comprehensive advice regarding transportation.

The various operations in transportation

Transporting products involves a lot. Consider issues such as International Commercial Terms (Incoterms), the cost structure related to import duties, and sea freight and/or air freight costs. Added to this is the handling of customs clearance and delivery. 

Chinese prefer to sell on a CIF basis, so they buy transportation cheaply and control shipping themselves. But at Coolen China, we believe that a factory should deal with production, and transport should be left to transport companies or freight forwarders. 

Once you get these operations in order with the help of Coolen China, you can perform them independently from now on. To see it as a one-time investment that will benefit you tremendously in the long run. We have a supporting and advisory role in this process.

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