Suppliers and producers

Suppliers and producers

When doing business with China you must take into account that some aspects work differently than in the West. In China the relationship between the client and the company is vitally important. Although Westerners are used to working towards a win-win situation for both parties, in China a good relationship continues to be the foundation for doing business over the longer term. A good relationship with your Chinese business partner will benefit pricing, delivery times and quality. So the relational aspect is one which must be taken into account.

At Coolen China we are familiar with both the mentality based on a win-win situation, and the mentality on a relational basis. We are experienced in both ways of working, and are skilled at applying and balancing them well. We also speak the Chinese language, so that losing face, another vital factor, is avoided at all times. We will advise on how best you can bridge these cultural differences with your contacts in China, without compromising your own standards and values.

We fully understand that ultimately you want a good product under the right conditions such as price, delivery time and quality. Coolen China’s duty is to make that happen, and to continue it.

We will be happy to share our knowledge and expertise on China in terms of:

  • Culture
  • Language
  • Quality awareness
  • The way of doing business
  • Negotiating techniques

We would also like to share our general knowledge of:

  • Contracts
  • Imports
  • International agreements
  • Importing

Would you like to deal with your suppliers and products optimally during the purchasing process? We can be of service to you. Get in touch with us!