Sourcing – Trading: We take care of your purchasing

Trading: we handle your sourcing from China

You may have a fairly simple product and only need to import it from China once. In that case, you can also leave everything to us. This has the advantage that you do not have to deal with the whole purchasing process and that you get a total price including delivery within Europe.

Large network of Chinese suppliers

Over the past 20 years, Coolen China has built a large network of Chinese suppliers and manufacturers to whom we can submit your request. This extensive network and our years of experience ensure that we are confident of a good price, quality, and delivery time. This allows us to function as the importer, relieving you of all your concerns.

Let us help you with your sourcing from China

If you want to buy in China through a commercial agent, we recommend this approach. Then you don’t have to worry about the complete procurement process and the associated risks.

Get in touch!

Would you like us to handle your sourcing from China? We’d be happy to help. Contact Coolen China here, and you’ll hear from us soon. 

Want to completely outsource your sourcing? Then check out our service: Complete approach. Have you already made a preliminary selection of possible products? Check out our “Building on” your pre-selection service.

Coolen China is your specialist in purchasing from China, with points of contact in the Netherlands!