Sourcing – Complete approach

A sourcing process from start to finish

China Sourcing: complete approach

Coolen China handles the entire sourcing process from start to finish, always aiming for the maximum result. 

Our approach to sourcing in China

To start the China sourcing process well-prepared, we ask you for the following information: 

  • Desired numbers for order (annualized forecast)
  • Specifications with a sample of the product if necessary
  • Working drawings and/or photographs
  • Latest prices (EXW, CIF, FOB)
  • Preferred time schedule
  • Required certifications (if applicable)
  • Other wishes and requirements

For example, if you are already in contact with manufacturers in China, we will ask you for an overview of the factories you have already approached and the status of your application. When we have this data, we have a good picture of your current situation. Based on this, we assess the feasibility of the process, including workability. When all signals are green, we make a final proposal.

After the proposal

We work everything out in English after you agree to our proposal. Then we make sure that this information reaches our team in China, after which we get to work. We make use of our existing network and local trade fairs.

Based on this, we create a list of potential producers. We filter this according to your requirements and wishes into a so-called “long list,” which we then reduce to a “short list.” Here we also distinguish between traders and real producers. Finally, we work toward a top two or top three that we will produce a sample of in consultation with you. This is followed by a visit to the factory, where we check for all safety regulations to make any agreements afterward.

“Your selection Would you rather outsource your entire procurement? Take a look at our service: Trading: We take care of your purchasing.

Coolen China is your sourcing specialist in China, with points of contact in the Netherlands!