Quality control

Product checks and inspections in China

When you do business with China and/or other parts of Asia, it’s important to carry out a good investigation into the producers you want to involve. Quality Control (QC) China has been set up specifically with this in view. Quality Control China is part of Coolen China, and its main activity is to check products for authenticity. Naturally we do this on-location. Alongside Quality Control China, Quality Control India and Quality Control Vietnam are also part of Coolen China. That means you always have complete certainty that the products are correct and genuine.

Quality Control offers you the following checks and inspections:

  • First Article Check – Checking the initial production
  • During Production Check – Checks during production
  • Pre-Shipment Inspection / Final Random Inspection – Final check before despatch
  • Container Loading Check / Loading Supervision – Supervision during loading
  • Factory Audit – Checking the factory

Involving Quality Control gives you a complete insight into part of or the entire production process, depending on your needs. Would you like more information about Quality Control (QC) China? Then have a look at the website: www.qcchina.nl.