blog Importing private label products from China

Importing private label products from China

The Chinese trading market now offers all kinds of lucrative opportunities for Western companies and entrepreneurs. This translates into various ways of doing business, including importing private label products from China. In the article below, you will find out more about this topic.

What are private label products?

Private label products are existing products with your own brand name, logo packaging, etc. So you can import customized products and then offer them in your online store or web shop. In practice, this means selling private label products under your own company name. 

Of course, a number of important things precede this. It is especially important for starting entrepreneurs to keep these things in mind. For example, do you think of; 

  • Drafting product specifications and required certificates.
  • Start a search for suitable Chinese suppliers. 
  • Selecting a reliable manufacturer in China.

Importing private label products from China

Do you want to start importing private label products from China? Then you will have to make some critical decisions beforehand. As a western entrepreneur, you want to ensure that your suppliers completely understand what kind of products you want them to make. 

In addition, you want to know exactly who you are doing business with in China. You will not be the first Western entrepreneur to see the quality of your orders deteriorate over time. 

Product specifications and required certificates

Before you can import private label products from China, it is key that your plans are clearly stated on paper. This is also known as product development and consists of outlining the product specifications and required certificates. 

For example, you can create a quality control list. This list usually contains all the specific requirements that your product must ultimately meet. The checklist also contains a number of important guidelines for quality inspectors. 

Taking care of the purchasing process is time-consuming and most western companies therefore rely on an external business partner with a large and reliable network in China. Please note that your business partner has plenty of reliable contacts in both China and the country you’re shipping the products to. 

Find suitable Chinese suppliers

As a western entrepreneur, before you start importing private label products, you want to find the most suitable suppliers in China. An external service provider such as Coolen China can help you find those suppliers. Over the years, our company has gained fundamental knowledge of the Chinese business culture and has a deeply rooted network of reliable suppliers. 

These connections make it possible to find a number of suitable suppliers for your products within the foreseeable future. Working with a third party can also help to limit any import risks, perform professional quality inspections and arrange communication between your company and your Chinese suppliers.

Select the most reliable manufacturer in China

Selecting a reliable manufacturer for the production of your private label products is an essential part of doing business in China. It may therefore be wise for some Western companies and entrepreneurs to find a reliable sourcing agent as well. 

Working with a reliable sourcing agent makes it a lot easier to find suitable suppliers in China. In addition, a sourcing agent can also negotiate with potential suppliers and try to work out certain discounts and/or other interesting deals. 

Would you like to know more about importing private label products from China? Or do you have any questions about our services? Please don’t hesitate and contact us.